There’s Not Enough

August 3, 2015:

I have a tendency to sit and observe the world with open eyes, and nah, I don’t believe in taking things at face value. Even the smallest microcosm has a story. Why it’s there, how it impacts everything on a greater scale, so on, and so forth. We live in a generation where that new tv, the Iphone 6s, or the latest edition of Kanye’s clothing line is among our  top priority. You say we need a 40′ inch, yet we have a house to maintain, people to feed, adventures to be had. In our culture, it is never enough. It’s not that small microcosm, it’s that expensive Porsche. Not that kiss on the hand, but an unwearable diamond ring estimated at $4 million. People become numbers. Feelings become items. What about taking a breath and seeing those around you? That young woman sitting on the corner of 34th with the uncertainty of receiving a hot meal? Or that older couple who did everything for their children, only to be felt devoid of that same love in a lifeless nursing home. There’s more than enough items in our world. An abundance of technology. Artillery. Violence. Fights. Competition. But our world has to realize that the one thing we do not have enough of is the one thing we need the most. Love for one another. We can wait another day for the coach bag, yet that destitute individual on the street may not have a place to call home. We are expanding our living spaces, yet an increasing population of working folk are being taken away from their one story paradise. See where I’m getting at? Make a difference, show compassion. There’s never enough of that no matter what event unfold in our physical world.


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