A casual Sunday afternoon. The miniature playhouse filled with relics of an ancient epoch where the heart was permitted to speak. The sky, endless as the effortless tributaries of light, smiles back in my direction—freedom is a comforting hearth.

Being cut off from the grid of modernity, my intrapersonal attributes allow themselves to flow. You could say it’s my perception of evolution so to speak, especially at an age where social media and technology is the brain that dictates the human soul. The battle of existential crises is one that slowly becomes a war between development and survival; this is something I mediate between every day. It’s quite a disheartening feeling to witness the disconnection of humans from their holistic nature. However, as cliché as it sounds, an opportunity comes from every crisis. It takes a true catalyst—someone who hasn’t lost his or her soul—to enlighten the downtrodden. It’s the only way to create a gradual evolution; one that transcends the coldness of hard logic and the emptiness of the human heart. I realized that in order to achieve this wholeness, a release of past facades and co dependence is vital. One cannot realize his or her true essence if they are running off the agendas of others who they believe have the answer to it all. Find the power within your core and follow it endlessly—it all lies in the palm of your hands.



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