Down by the Beach

I lay dumbfounded on the rippled layers of soft earth beneath my temple. The royal mountains, guardians of the fragile civilization at their base, quietly stare back with a certainty that touches the untouched. It’s a beautiful feeling to be honest. That bliss that caresses the deepest crevice of your soul, the part that wants to feel connected with the elements. Why is humanity so disconnected to that feeling? I wish there were a light switch—or some other Edison-like creation—that would be able to electrify everyone’s heart. Some magic pill that would enlighten the world in a direction that would entice even the most disoriented frequencies to embrace the bounty in front of them. It goes beyond the one night stand, the morning coffee, or the mundane routines of a job above the poverty line. It’s that wordless emotion that has the power to embellish the shades of gray society has confined us to—nature is our mother Earth’s love.



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