The Three Elements of Inspiration

As I transgress through a person’s blog or website, I always wonder what goes through their mind and/or soul as they post their content on the media. I mean, what inspires anyone? We see all types of aspiring and accomplished creative minds from all sides of the spectrum, and honestly, this diversity of thought is paramount in our perennial evolution. For any content creators—aspiring, professional, and amateur—that are searching for fuel to get your engines going, I’ve developed three elements that you can consider before you take the big leap into the virtual world—come on, you guys got this!

Step One: Authenticity

Nothing’s worse than a creative piece or webpage with zero personality, no matter what you write. I remember attending a class in NYC going over the elements of creative fiction, and in one occasion, I remember a student saying to not become emotionally attached to a particular idea—I couldn’t have disagreed more. This doesn’t only apply to writing though. If you’re going to create your own website for a business, a how to, etc., don’t be afraid to show who you are in the process! Think about it for a second, when you go out to eat somewhere, do you want to pay $50 for real dishes or frozen imitations? Obviously, it’s going to be different for everyone, but again, if your website resembles a Wikipedia page, I think it’s a good time to reconsider if you care enough about what you’re doing at all.

Step Two: Choose Your Words Wisely

Take the rambling drunk at your local bar only that it’s someone’s blog taking multiple pages to explain a tangent that’s completely irrelevant with the point they’re trying to get across. Don’t lie; all of us have been victims of that in one way or another, especially when we get too lost in our own thoughts. Whenever you find yourself doing that, bring yourself back to the central question—am I the only one who’s going to read this? The days of writing 100,000 word blogs, with exceptions, are becoming scarcer. People in our generation want the scoop of what you’re saying much quicker than any before, so if you want your writing/website to reach a wider audience, efficiency is key.

Step Three: Be Flexible

When creating something, I like to think about it as going down a street you’ve never been on. You never know what you’re going to find down that block if you don’t take a stroll. I mean hey, what do you have to lose? If you currently see yourself experiencing a blockage or you’re dissatisfied with your work, don’t be afraid to start fresh. I understand it’s frustrating leaving the comfort zone, but it’s vital in order to make your presence known. If you deem that old piece or website beyond reparation, there’s always something, no matter how small, that’s salvageable enough to use in whatever creative endeavor you see yourself in next, but if there’s really nothing, move on.

Final Thoughts

YOU have the power in your hands to create the best website, to be the best writer, to be an online business tycoon. I could go on forever about the countless disenchanted folks I’ve encountered that grow skeptical about their ability to succeed as creative geniuses. It’s heartbreaking, seriously. So whenever you descend into that headspace next time, keep your eye your vision—you’ll thank yourself when you do.



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