My Ethics Statement

Blogging is meaningful path to communicate with other fellow Internet surfers. My blog is designed for the public, and many of the topics I write about are of subjective over factual value, so it’s more about a state of mind rather than a formal procedure. Regardless, I am open to any ideas or opinions about in regards to of my posts. In fact, I encourage it. This is the place where we can be open about our life outlook without having an invisible judge looking over our shoulder.

I find the mélange of ideas necessary for progress, so inevitably, a reader’s bound to find something of interest. I promise to communicate with that other person and follow strict copyright laws to preserve my personal integrity and respect that person’s ideas. I will only use credible and authentic resources. I will tell nothing but the truth when it comes to posting information. I feel like it’s important to ensure the reader that whenever they visit my blog, it can be something they can respect and trust. Whenever I make any changes, rest assured that I would communicate any of that with all of you.

Lastly, I would like to go over privacy measures. No matter what I post, I’ll always put someone’s privacy as first and foremost. The last thing I would want is to publicly embarrass or hurt somebody who prefers that their information be kept a secret. Putting your thoughts out there is the first part, but making sure to consider the virtual world around you is a fundamental step to further develop the creative process.