My Ethics Statement

Blogging is meaningful path to communicate with other fellow Internet surfers. My blog is designed for the public, and many of the topics I write about are of subjective over factual value, so it’s more about a state of mind rather than a formal procedure. Regardless, I am open to any ideas or opinions about in regards to of my posts. In fact, I encourage it. This is the place where we can be open about our life outlook without having an invisible judge looking over our shoulder.

I find the mélange of ideas necessary for progress, so inevitably, a reader’s bound to find something of interest. I promise to communicate with that other person and follow strict copyright laws to preserve my personal integrity and respect that person’s ideas. I will only use credible and authentic resources. I will tell nothing but the truth when it comes to posting information. I feel like it’s important to ensure the reader that whenever they visit my blog, it can be something they can respect and trust. Whenever I make any changes, rest assured that I would communicate any of that with all of you.

Lastly, I would like to go over privacy measures. No matter what I post, I’ll always put someone’s privacy as first and foremost. The last thing I would want is to publicly embarrass or hurt somebody who prefers that their information be kept a secret. Putting your thoughts out there is the first part, but making sure to consider the virtual world around you is a fundamental step to further develop the creative process.


My Introduction

My Selfie

Hey, how’s it going guys? My name’s Gus. I’m currently in San Diego, California, but I’m originally from Long Island, New York. This past year, I’ve pretty much been traveling all over. I finally followed my dream of moving to the west coast, and I started off in Seattle for six months. Managed to see Canada, which is awesome because I haven’t been out of the country in years. And then, around the end of October I ended up moving down to Portland for a few days, but it didn’t work out. So I asked my friend, I was like, “What if I ended up going to California tomorrow? What if?” My friend didn’t believe me, but then, the next day I ended up throwing all my stuff in, and then moving down the coast. I stopped in a bunch of great cities, and I’ve been in San Diego ever since.

In regards to what I’m studying, I’m doing a Cultural Studies degree with an emphasis on journalism and new media. I just feel that the way the world’s going on right now, a lot of people want to get their stories heard, so I feel like it’s a great opportunity to, you know, really connect with others. Some of my favorite hobbies are photography, writing, traveling, and basically open to anything that anyone wants to share. I really hope that this is going to be a great semester and good luck to all of you.

Down by the Beach

I lay dumbfounded on the rippled layers of soft earth beneath my temple. The royal mountains, guardians of the fragile civilization at their base, quietly stare back with a certainty that touches the untouched. It’s a beautiful feeling to be honest. That bliss that caresses the deepest crevice of your soul, the part that wants to feel connected with the elements. Why is humanity so disconnected to that feeling? I wish there were a light switch—or some other Edison-like creation—that would be able to electrify everyone’s heart. Some magic pill that would enlighten the world in a direction that would entice even the most disoriented frequencies to embrace the bounty in front of them. It goes beyond the one night stand, the morning coffee, or the mundane routines of a job above the poverty line. It’s that wordless emotion that has the power to embellish the shades of gray society has confined us to—nature is our mother Earth’s love.



An endless provocation of thoughts,
a rat’s endless race on the wheel
Disoriented, yet the sun’s rays penetrating my soul
no destination, abundant dreams
The universe has her ways pulling me to the abstract
no black, no white
An endless array of beauty.

A Missed Flight

Stranded. I mean, depends on how you look at it. Today’s the day I officially become a real adult and make altering decisions I assume. The internal jubilance for this newly found freedom overshadows the accruing recycled bags under my eyes. I mean hey, I look like shit, but still have the good spirit to not freak the fuck out when most people would have lost it by now. So, back to that seven-letter word—stranded. I felt stranded. Like my bright green Amazonian in his dim green cell, or a murderer on death row reminiscing happier times; both have the desire to fly. Leave all the commodities of a mere existence in captivity. Aimless travelers drift through the barren halls, and I only wonder if they feel the same flame burning deep in their gold embroidered chamber. Going on a plane is the closest form of flying we have, but knowing that when you step out that accordion-like maze, the external essence of the atmosphere is the turn of a new page at the very least. Who knows what this “city of roses” will bring. Hopefully, I’ll be happy to bloom among them



A casual Sunday afternoon. The miniature playhouse filled with relics of an ancient epoch where the heart was permitted to speak. The sky, endless as the effortless tributaries of light, smiles back in my direction—freedom is a comforting hearth.

Being cut off from the grid of modernity, my intrapersonal attributes allow themselves to flow. You could say it’s my perception of evolution so to speak, especially at an age where social media and technology is the brain that dictates the human soul. The battle of existential crises is one that slowly becomes a war between development and survival; this is something I mediate between every day. It’s quite a disheartening feeling to witness the disconnection of humans from their holistic nature. However, as cliché as it sounds, an opportunity comes from every crisis. It takes a true catalyst—someone who hasn’t lost his or her soul—to enlighten the downtrodden. It’s the only way to create a gradual evolution; one that transcends the coldness of hard logic and the emptiness of the human heart. I realized that in order to achieve this wholeness, a release of past facades and co dependence is vital. One cannot realize his or her true essence if they are running off the agendas of others who they believe have the answer to it all. Find the power within your core and follow it endlessly—it all lies in the palm of your hands.



Reality struck my mind again.  The still life picture of my temple collapsed and lifeless. The stream of bodily fluids sprawled on the city sidewalk. Countless footsteps stomping past, cold like the cement down below. Heart too struck to answer his call, yet too unforgiving to forget about his mistake. The cinderblock world seems too feint at this point. That’s what occurs when you decide to open your castle walls, I suppose. Burnt by an iced apathy, decomposed by chronic depersonalization. Escapism becomes the best friend you’ve never had. Suddenly, a sympathetic soul stops and stares, shocked and broken by the spectacle. “Get off the ground, fool!” The white haired man yelled. Guess it wasn’t my night after all. He was 34 years of age, driven by his heart to find a better life for himself. He had no home; a lone wanderer finding disenchanted souls like mine and bringing them back to life. My guardian angel for the night. The one person who believed when those I gave my trust to fed my heart to the concrete jungle’s consuming ecosystem. As we parted ways, I looked back. The lone wanderer vanished into the black jungle.

Multiple trials have passed, multiple chances eroded. My essence has been in the same loop for what seems to be timeless at this point. Constantly on the search  for that eye opening moment, that luminescent pure soul, that humanistic answer to end all inherent evils in the world. It’s more than searching though. My soul craves for it. Is this what our existence comes down to? A constant cat and mouse of perpetual deception? I refuse to believe so, but the physical world has a way of ascertaining that reality. My mind constantly machinates a utopian state. Bright blue trees, deep pink skies. Fauna and flora living peacefully along one another and mutualism being the law of the land. Imagine a place where one could count on their brothers and sisters to lend that time, importance, and empathy to actualize the fantasy of the impossible. I’ve had enough time to imagine, now it’s time to create. Let us redefine love, friendship, dreams, and the like. Let us create the renaissance we envision. 


The Crystal Ball

A slew of Cuervo and forgotten faces,
the ideal antidote for the meaningless bicker.
Five senses replaced by the heart’s plea,
a stronger cocktail to shutter his gaze.
A silver shot to a sweet escape,
a gold veil to shield my desire.

My lifeless body in the comforting blackness,
A charcoaled blanket eschewing the inevitable light.
The brain’s fruitless banter, the heart’s unyielding wails.
Without an invisible rescuer, eternal damnation of my soul.
Epochs pass, onlookers stop and stare;
Quite the rarity to find a crystal ball with no luster.

Nautical Nothingness

The greyed grays of gray veiled over my four walled prison cell. My mind’s been playing tricks on me these days. It builds some false role play where my heart’s the main protagonist. He speaks out, absent tongued, once again proving the essential nothingness his silence means to the rest of society’s sell outs. Counting the countless footsteps across the synthetic white sand, I aimlessly wonder my role in this world. Why is my soul still wandering? This is purgatory I suppose, if such a concept exists. A barren wasteland streamlined with illusions to fill our gaping holes. Our hearts’ cries met with cold silence, maybe a little casual sex and some standardized guy with a six pack will make us feel whole again. Maybe making ourselves sound societally competent by reading the times and opposing capitalist framework will make our lives worthwhile. Or maybe this is all just one fucked up dream. Yeah…that sounds better. Life is all a dream. We are everything. We are nothing. The nautical nothingness is the answer to it all. wallpaper__nothing_special_by_c9rex_y-d32agao.png

What’s Your Core?

 We can never stop researching, especially when it leads each of us down an enlightening path of self discovery. Ever since I laid eyes on it, I couldn’t help but to steer my attention at the Riso and Hudson’s Enneagram. I personally it find hard to define, for these nine levels of personal awareness could be anything your heart, mind, and/or soul desires. Riso and Hudson describe as it that “hunch,” or virtual void in one’s soul that takes a whole lifetime to diligently fill.

What I find the most interesting is that this concept, much like the human mind, is on a constant evolution. You embody every type to a certain extent, however,  one of the nine essences will be at your core. If you share the same interest of discovering your hidden potentials and wish to create a sense of it all, the Enneagram becomes your trusted guide in digging through all the bullshit. The emotion you will feel while reading through each of  these will bring up familiar scenarios, some more comforting than others. It’s almost as if your reading some bestseller with the sole difference that you’re the main protagonist. I mean, come on, wouldn’t you be pretty thrilled by that? Along with a link, I’ll give you a little walkthrough with each of the types, along with a fair share of insight as to other theories related to the Enneagram. I genuinely hope this helps anyone out there, for it sure answers many questions kept on a limbo for most of our lives. Good luck and happy soul searching!

Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people. – Carl Jung 

The Nine Cores: 

Type One, The Idealist: I would say that this type is one that loves perfection and idealism. They are driven, and you could say that their lives are based around a sense of loftiness and an upright demeanor that can alter the energies of others. Ones need to be careful to not come on too rigid with their lifestyles and opinions, for not everyone can have the same sense of direction that they were born with. Repression and moderating oneself is also big with this core essence.

Type Two, The Helper: These individuals are some of the biggest sweethearts you’ll ever meet. Always receptive and ready to help those in need, you can see them doing a lot for their communities, their families, and at their core, this love is what they desire in return. Many times, you’ll find them overextending themselves with others, and could become frustrated with themselves and those who they help when they do not receive the appreciation they believe they deserve. Manipulation and controlling  attitudes can become a habit when they’re in an unhealthy level.

Type Three, The Achiever: These are a handful of  your celebrities, CEOs, and politicians. Always aspiring to be the best in whatever they choose to do in life, a Three will overachieve, and honestly, they won’t hesitate to do it with style. With a lavish eye, you’ll see these individuals dress for success. However, on their average to unhealthy levels, they have a tendency to deceive. Like foxes duping their prey, a three may have a tendency to become amorphous, seamlessly blending in to achieve their path to success or oversell their perceived attributes and accomplishments. Narcissism and psychosis is common during the unhealthiest phases of this type.

Type Four, The Individualist: This type has a special place in my heart. The reason being is that these folks have the special ability to express their authenticity in the purest of forms. They desire to make their own mark on the world whether it be through art, music, writing, etc. Although reserved and considering themselves ‘outsiders’, their inner world is often a fantastic realm of magic, beauty, and sorrow all in one. As like the other eight essences, there is one major downfall to them–the Oedipus complex. They will harbor negative emotions to  those who they believe are doing better in life. Their emotions will wreak havoc on their souls in the more unhealthy levels, causing them to lash out at those closest to them, while simultaneously seeking that “savior” to come and liberate them from the madness they are undergoing. Depression, dependency, and loneliness is common for them if they are not kept in check.

Type Five, The Intellect: I would definitely call them your brilliant minded scientists, theorists, or simply those who have an insatiable taste for knowledge and curiosity about the world. To them, it is not so much about their human connections, making them seem a bit detached, especially when they are working on a topic of interest for an extended period of time. They have the ability to accomplish much in the world, and truly bring something innovative to our society. With so much knowledge, they may struggle with a sense of apathy and nihilism, which in turn can lead  to their fear of becoming useless to humanity. Their competence will go unnoticed, furthering them into an endless stream of isolation from the outer world.

Type Six, The Loyalist: This type is one that puts security and association as the top of their priority list. To them, stability is key, and many of their decisions are made keeping this concept in mind. They are extremely loyal and committed to whatever cause or person they devote themselves to, making this essence one of the most reliable ones in the Enneagram. This enhanced skepticism gives these folks a knack for problem solving, truly benefiting those who have the fortune to get to know them. However, the dark side of this type can take their same skills and turn it against them. That same commitment and loyalty will transform them into paranoid, rebellious skeptics whose self-doubt has taken a hold of their psyche. They will question everything, and in their eyes, their whole world becomes a huge “code red.”

Type Seven, the Enthusiast: Absolutely love their zest for life. These souls simply have a hunch for adventure, holding it close to their hearts. They are creative, fast moving, and smelling the roses in the vase? Nah, they’re down to run across the field collecting every kind of flower instead. Generally outgoing, the sevens will stop at nothing to lighten up your day. While other types will take things one step at a time, the seven acts with uncanny swiftness, seeing every positive opportunity that they can enjoy and relish, at least until the next one comes up. Are you seeing a pattern here? Despite their open ended approach, sevens run the risk of becoming burnt out through overstimulation, or when they feel deprived, excessively reliant on physical material acquisition in order to compensate.

Type Eight, The Challenger: The hulk of the enneagram, hands down. These people will not shy away from something that most will find too overwhelming to tackle. Their energies are felt in the environment, your typical head of the house, business, community, etc.. Eights are badass in the sense that they will push until they get what they long for, and at the end of the day, everything will go well so long as they run the show. As we all know, life has its turns and we may lose grip of it from time to time, and that is something that will drive type eight to run straight against the Mississippi River’s current. As this happens, one will start to see these folks’ insecurity come to a surface, especially with the enhanced force the eight creates in their environment in the first place. Intimidation is taken as a tactic and their tempers deteriorate with the slightest stint of disagreement from their associates.

Type Nine, The Peacemaker: Also known as the “Crown” of the Enneagram, the Nine is the most all-encompassing essence of the nine types. Like Fours, they have a rich internal world, but do not possess the envious nature that they may harbor. Like Sevens, they have the thirst for adventure close to their heart, and will be open to countless opportunities that come their direction. But that’s the nine for you. Openness and receptivity is a great way to define these individuals. Lovers and dreamers, a nine just looks for the best way to achieve a complete peace at mind, tranquility and white clouds penetrating the deepest crannies of their heart, mind, and soul. Striving for balance and positivity in their lives, they have a tendency to hold a large portion of their identity at bay, mainly because of their extreme dislike of conflict and criticism. That’s because of their desire to make their environments a free flow, rather than a murky puddle. They do have a tendency to deny reality, often retreating into their dreamlike world, well after their life’s problems have flown off the handle. To them, everything’s going to be okay, so at least they hope. As they grow unhealthy, so does their desire to completely escape. They become so lost in their heads that it’s almost as if they left their body completely. Hollowness and catatonia become the new standard for them. Comfortably numb.

Ready to find out what your type is? Here’s a couple of references if you’re interested in discovering a little bit more about yourself! Have fun with it 🙂

The Fun Test (Recommended)

The Simple Version (A short assessment, basic type revealed)

Basic Type, Wings, Instinctual Variant (Complete Overview)

Enneagram to a New Level (In Depth)

Wings, Instinctual Variants & Tritypes

For every main type you receive, unless in rare cases, you are often gifted with one adjacent wing from another type. This wing is almost like your pulling factor that affects your decisions and almost enhances your essence one way or another.

Three variants (sexual, social, self preservation) are immersed in our core essences, each of which will play a role in our lives at some point. If your sexual variant is the strongest, you desire intense connections and experiences. Social variants are a friendlier and more compliant in their demeanor. They want to be liked and appreciated among their community and those around them. Self preservation is all about acquiring the necessary comforts to survive and live well. They are more into indulging the senses and care more about their security than the other two variants.

As for a tritype, you’re born with a core essence in each center: feeling, thinking, and gut. With that, depending on your environment, both internal and external, you will go to your respected type and have the potential to combine the three and with that, create a unique essence.